A Checklist for Choosing a Paediatric Dentist

Dental hygiene of a child is 10 times more important than that of an adult. Children are more prone to cavities and other dental infections since they consume a lot of sugary food substances. As a parent or a guardian, it is your responsibility to ensure the child’s dental hygiene, since it will have an impact on his/her entire life. So you must find a paediatric dentist that takes good care of your child’s teeth while making the experience relaxed and fun.

Use this checklist to find a suitable paediatric dentist.

  • Recommendations

Ask for recommendations of paediatric dentists to your friends and family. Get a referral from your paediatrician. Search in local websites or magazines for recommendations.

  • Experience

You should consider the dentist’s education – whether he/she has undergone the speciality training. How often the dentist attends conferences and education workshops should be taken into account. While considering the experience of the dentist, choose the one who is more experienced.

  • Evaluating the office

Once you’ve decided the dentist you want to try, meeting him/her in person. Seeing the office can help you determine if he/she is the right fit for your child. Evaluate the dentist’s office and find out whether the dental office is set up for children. Offices should be catering to children, with colourful paint and hands-on toys in the waiting room to make the experience fun.

  • Knowledge

The dentist should offer habit counselling, repair tooth cavities and/or defects, diagnose & treat dental developmental difficulties, treat dental injuries.

Once you’ve found the right dentist for your child, make sure you befriend him/her for lifetime.

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