Can Pregnant Women Get Dental Implants?

Pregnancy causes multiple changes in a woman’s body and forces the mother-to-be extra cautious with the most common activities of the day. The hormonal changes in the pregnant woman make them more prone to dental issues like bleeding, gum diseases and tooth decay. Dental experts recommend dental implants Sydney for pregnant women only after their first trimester. In fact, in most cases, the dentists ask the patient to wait until child birth to get their dental implants.

Sydney dental implants procedure can be completed safely during pregnancy in the case of an emergency situation. Nevertheless, the following aspects may tend to pose a slight amount of risk to the patient as well as the unborn child.

  • Dental x-rays may expose unborn child to small amounts of radiation and this could be a risk. However, chances of this are minimal as x-rays are focused only around the mouth area.
  • Dental implants procedure is performed with help of local anaesthesia and this is considered 100% safe for pregnant women. But the same cannot be said about general anaesthesia that pushes patients into an unconscious state.
  • Above all, any dental procedure comes with a certain level of emotional stress and anxiety. High stress levels can affect the development of unborn child and interfere with the overall health of mother.

When women with poor dental health become pregnant, existing problems tend to aggravate. Therefore pregnancy must be accompanied with a proper dental care routine and emergency situations can be avoided easily.