Are Dental Implants in Melbourne Worth The Cost?

Dental implants in Melbourne are usually very high incurring hardship to the general population that struggle to afford good dental health. They aren’t cheap. But they are far more affordable than the cost of missing or infected teeth and its consequences. Missing or infected teeth can lead to serious health issues.

Cost of Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth, eating may become more difficult, in particular healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. You may feel self – conscious during conversations or simply avoid smiling to conceal your dental issue. It affects your confidence while interacting with people. A hidden consequence of missing teeth is bone loss. When a tooth is lost, the bone in the jaw that surrounds and supports that tooth melts away. The longer you have missing teeth, the greater the loss of bone.

Cost of Infected Teeth

Just like one bad apple can damage the rest, one infected tooth can affect other parts of the body if left untreated. These are some potential consequences:

  • Infected gums can damage the jaw bone which causes the teeth to fall out.
  • This infection can spread to the brain through blood vessels and lead to a brain abscess which can lead to coma.
  • This infection can spread upwards and lead to sinus infection.
  • Bacteria from the infection can spread to the heart and lead to a condition called bacterial endocarditis.
  • Infected teeth can also cause respiratory problems and diabetes.

Now that you know the cost of missing and infected teeth, it is wise to go for teeth implant as early as possible.

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