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Are You Eligible for Dental Implants?

Loosed you tone of more than one teeth in an accident? Probably, it’s time to have the dental implants in Melbourne! “So, am I eligible for a dental implant procedure?” Probably, this may be your question of now as you are planning to have your new artificial teeth by making use dental implant procedure. To help you with this, we have listed eligible candidates and non-eligible for dental implants. This guide enables you to determine your eligibility for full-mouth dental implants.

People Eligible for Dental Implants

1. A person who is healthy enough to go through minor oral surgery
2. A person who is in good oral health
3. A person who has enough bone to anchor an implant
4. A person who is willing to invest their time and emotional energy in the process
5. A person with one or more missing teeth

Who Cannot Have Implants?

Usually, dental implants in Melbourne will fit almost everyone, but some can’t have implants due to certain medical conditions. And, it is quite rare that we come across a patient that cannot have implants.

Some of the medical conditions that avoid having dental implant are,

1. Insufficient Bones
2. Diabetes
3. Weak Immune System
4. Bruxism
5. Gum Disease

Other than that, children or adolescents may need to wait until their facial growth.

Not a Traditional Implant Candidate?

Don’t qualify for a dental implant? Don’t panic! Some of the issues can be fixed, and you can get a dental implant for your missed teeth! For example, if you have gum disease, if you smoke, or if you need bone grafts in your jaw, your dentist can help you resolve your oral health issues and get you back to the opportunity to have a dental implant. All you have to do is, follow your dentist’s advice.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

1. Children whose facial growth and development have been completed. This stage is typically around age 16 for girls and age 18 for boys.
2. People who have patience with the process can take up to twelve months to be fully completed.
3. People who can drop the habit of smoking or a non-smoker.
4. Good teeth habits or oral hygiene regiment.
5. A dental implant needs good bone density to offer good support for tooth implants in Melbourne. If you have good bone density, you are a good candidate for a dental implant.
6. Your gums and teeth should be in good health.

The Bottom Line

Are you a good candidate for dental implants? Or not a traditional implant candidate but, the issues can be fixed to have the dental implant? Book an appointment with your dentist! They will let you know about the dental implant procedure that you need for your case. Also, they will list the dental implants cost Melbourne before proceeding with the procedure.