What are the benefits and risks involved in getting Dental implant treatment abroad?

In dental tourism, a patient travels to a foreign country and receive different types of dental care. The cost of dental implants in Sydney is high. . East European and Asian countries provide significantly cheaper dental implant treatment. This is considered beneficial to many people, especially if they lack any dental insurance. As a result, increasing number of people choose to travel overseas to get affordable treatments. Currently, it is very easy to find dental clinics located in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Thailand, India or Singapore via internet, that offer dental implant treatments at lower price.

The dentists who practice in these countries could afford to achieve this because the overall cost including labor, rent and insurance is cheaper there. Some advantages of dental tourism is given here,


  • People choose this option mainly because of the price. It is perceived that the patients could save more than half the amount they would have to spend for getting dental implants in Sydney.
  • Patients could also enjoy a short vacation along with the dental treatment. It would make the journey a memorable experience.
  • In dental tourism, Clinics are more transparent in their pricing.
  • They would also work around the schedule of the patients.

Despite saving lots of money, dental tourism is risky. The reasons are given here,


  • The quality of the components that are used in the dental implant treatment is under question. Because, these clinics need not follow the regulations imposed by the Australian government on Implant dentistry.
  • Lack of any legal protection as any lawsuits filed by the patients is not permissible in Australia.
  • Implant treatments have lengthy recovery time. It is impossible to travel here and there for regular visits. Also, they would not be able to get any problem fixed if it occurs within the guarantee period.
  • If the patients are not dissatisfied with the treatment, they could not be assisted by the clinic.
  • Finding the right dentist in a foreign country is very difficult and requires hours and hours of patient research.
  • Sometimes, the dentist who is performing the surgery may not be well qualified for the task. He/she might have lower standard of education and training when compared to the physicians in Sydney.
  • There are clinics right here which offer affordable dental implants in Sydney. With sound planning and good experience, they are able to provide dental implants at lower than average cost.
  • The patients are always under the risk of contracting diseases that are not common in their native place.

If you are a prospective dental implant patient who is considering dental tourism, make sure to check the prices of all the clinics that offer cheap dental implants in Sydney. See if you really could save a substantial amount by dental tourism and do not fail to consider all the risks involved in it. Then make your decision wisely.