Dental Implants and the Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth!

Patients with missing teeth once had to choose an alternate from minimal options like bridges, dentures, and partial dentures. But with decades of success, dental implants Melbourne offer the most attractive, safe and long lasting option. Why do dentists always suggest filling the place of a missing tooth? Before discussing the importance of replacing a missing tooth, let us first talk the common question what exactly are dental implants anyway? A dental implant is a tiny titanium alloy screw that is extremely strong, mounted surgically into the jawbone replacing the missing natural tooth root. It is drilled into the jawbone to ensure the screw firmly connects the artificial teeth to the jaw. The dental implants are also used to provide support to the loosening removable dentures. Now that we know what exactly a dental implant is, let us now discuss why replacing badly damaged teeth or missing ones is suggested by a dentist in the first place.


It may sound superficial to someone who has all their teeth. But, even missing one tooth can put you up in a lot of stress in varying degrees. Every one of us in one or the other way is concerned about our appearance. Missing a tooth will affect our confidence level as well. For some, it can also lead to depression that stops them interacting with their peers fearing their missing teeth may affect their personality.

With affordable dental implants cost Melbourne, as there is no extreme visible difference between the replaced tooth and the natural ones, it does affect your physical appearance positively.

General Health:

When you lose a tooth, the entire balance of your dental structure is disturbed. The gap created, will allow the remaining teeth especially the adjacent ones to tilt and shift positions as a result of even normal chewing action. This can lead to further oral problems down the line. The jawbone beneath the missing teeth will also start to deteriorate with time, lacking any stimulation with chewing actions leading to bone loss. This will also give you a much older appearance with sunken facial features.

The cheap dental implants Melbourne do not just replace the missing teeth but also the root of it. It also stimulates the jawbone while supporting chewing. The stimulated jawbone will continue to be healthy and strong. Also, dental implants fill the area of the missing tooth so the adjacent ones will not shift positions.

The Comfort Level:

With all your teeth intact, you probably will have no idea how it will feel when a hard bit of food comes in-between the uncovered root of the missing molars and the existing ones. It is not very comfortable to experience such a situation! When it keeps happening every time you try to eat, people tend to give up the food they previously loved in order to alleviate the continuous pain and discomfort. Losing the ability to choose food can stop you from enjoying the very big part of your life!

Dental implants are strong and natural looking replacements for your missing teeth. They will help you enjoy any food you love. Good news is, the dental implants Melbourne success rate is also full, just go for it. Don’t risk your health!