Dentistry trends of 2015

The dental industry has evolved more in the past couple of years than it did in the last decade. According to the reports by the American Dental Trade Association (ADTA), the practice generates more than $60 billion every year in practice activities and patient fees. This figure has been growing substantially with changes in dental technology, care infrastructure and patient behavior. In the near future, growth in the dental industry will catch up a fast pace as new dental treatment are being added to the product mix. In general, roughly, 70% of American adults seek regular dental care and with the population rising – it’s like ‘more teeth, more need’. Let’s look at the top 5 dentistry trends in 2015.

  1. The oral-systemic awareness

Dentists have known that oral health has a deep connection with the rest of our body, but it is recently that consumers have finally begun to understand the fact. Since the American Academy of Periodontics reported the correlation between cardiovascular diseases and periodontal diseases, dental check-up has been a diagnosis for conditions ranging from diabetes to acid reflux. This new knowledge has been making more number of patients understand the importance of dental care and subsequently, dentists are keeping a busy schedule.

  1. Technology as a boost

If you go to a top dental clinic in Lyndhurst, you will get to see several new technologies like Cone beams, Digital X-Rays, implants, and other new tools of the trade. These technologies have been making dental procedures more precise, safer, and even cost effective. Surgeries can be performed within the same day in a rightly equipped clinic. Consequently, more people seek a redressal to their oral problems.

  1. Safer treatment for kids

Any parent would realize the hassle of taking a kid to a dental clinic. Previously, clinics used to resort to sedation, hand pieces and tongue tying to keep the kid calm and this was still a tough job to perform. Parents of today have however got more demanding when it comes to their kids. They are opting for expensive but safer means of practice including hard/soft lasers, Solea CO2 and other similar options. This means that we have less bloodiness, less noise, minimal post-op discomfort and a safer care.

  1. Mobile marketing

In 2015, several top dental clinics are adopting mobile marketing strategies. From practice to contact information, everything is shared with the audience using mobile app. Mobile apps for dental care offer DIY care tips and procedures and help market the brand, specifically a clinic. In fact, 50% of online appointments come from mobile devices today. Dental application also provides a better means to market your campaigns and increase the footfall to any check-up campaigns you might be initiating.

  1. Dentistry is more of a relationship management

Like any other industry, dentistry is also more focused upon building relationships as a means to market services and win patients. 96% of patients say that they would be a regular with clinics that can establish a better dentist-patient communication and 76% patients say that they would be loyal to their labs.