Expert Tips to Prepare Yourself for Oral Surgery

Generally, oral surgery is an outpatient procedure and requires local or general anaesthesia to perform the surgery. After the oral surgery, the patient is allowed to return home with doctor’s approval. It’s important to ask your oral surgeon in Sydney for the essential tips to follow before and after surgery, and clear all the queries beforehand.

– First, it’s important to prepare for the after-care at home before getting an appointment for your oral surgery. Since you have to spend a significant amount of time on bed, set up extra pillows to rest comfortably.-

– Finalise the transportation to and from surgery, and accompanying yourself with a family member or friend is highly recommended.

– After the surgery treat the surgical area using an ice pack for 15 minutes at a time, and then rest for 15 minutes before putting it back on.

– Watch what you eat after the oral surgery. Avoid sticky, hard foods and switch to soft foods, such as soups and yogurts that are rich in Vitamin A or C for the first few days.

– Don’t eat any crunchy foods like popcorn or pretzel sticks after the first 6 weeks of the surgery.

– Don’t participate in any vigorous exercises or heavy lifting for 48 hours after getting your wisdom teeth removed.

– Don’t disturb the surgical area during the healing phase and keep it clean to fasten healing.

Finding the best oral surgeon in Sydney guides you throughout the healing process and brings back the smile you always wanted.