Five Expert Dental Tips That Everyone Must Follow

From young children to aging adults, everyone fears tooth pain and damage. Though the advanced dental technologies today can offer solutions to almost every oral problem, prevention is always better than cure.

Read on to learn about five expert dentist tips in Parramatta for outstanding oral hygiene.

Keep a check on what you eat and drink

Sugar rich food items like candies, chocolates, cakes, carbonated drinks and coffee are the most common reasons for tooth decay in children as well as in adults. Limit the intake of these unhealthy snacks and ensure the mouth is kept free of debris immediately after consumption.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes serious damage to the lungs as well as to the teeth. Regular smokers suffer from permanent teeth discoloration and also have a higher chance of periodontal diseases.

Schedule half-yearly visits to the dentist

Pay a minimum of two visits per year to the dentist to ensure the dental situation is under control. This also helps to nip off problems at the earliest stage.

Follow a regular dental routine

Dentist suggests brushing the teeth twice a day and regular flossing. Using a mouthwash also helps to clean the places that are inaccessible with a tooth brush. Take ample time to brush the teeth and use the right products for the best oral hygiene.

Use mouth guards whenever required

Sportspersons and gymnasts must always ensure that their mouth is well guarded when in the field. This helps avoid unexpected accidents and damage to the teeth.

Author Bio: The author is an experienced dentist in Parramatta who specialises in cosmetic dentistry. Like any other dentist, he believes that prevention is always better than cure and recommends patients to never ignore the smallest symptoms. He also works at Parramatta Green Dental. To know more, visit or follow us at