Five Strong Reasons to Choose Dental Implants over Dentures

Losing a tooth for whatever reason can be embarrassing. Dentures and dental implants are the two most common dental procedures used to restore the lost teeth. While some patients preferred dentures for their lower cost initially, the emergence of affordable dental implants Sydney has made them think otherwise.

Read on to find out other important reasons to consider dental implants over dentures.

  • Dental implants make you look and feel better

Dental implants with prostheses look and feel just your natural teeth. Since dentures are removable, the wearer feels a little awkward while eating, speaking and smiling with them. The implants on the other hand are fused into the bone by using the prosthesis and set in quickly. The comfort and convenience of dental implants offer a great deal of self-confidence to the wearer and thus remain unmatched till date.

  • Dental implants offer high value for money

People who believe that the cost of dental implants Sydney is expensive must note that implants are for the long term (they can last for a whole lifetime). Proper oral care and hygiene is however essential to maintain implants in their best condition. Dentures on the other hand can last up to a maximum of 5-6 years. As the patient ages, the gums shrink and their shape changes. As a result, the patient is forced to replace the old dentures for the proper fit.

  • Dental implants do not interfere with your diet

Since affordable dental implants Sydney are almost 80% as efficient as natural teeth, they allow the wearer to enjoy a wide variety of food items. The implants do not cover any other part of the mouth and thus cause no impact on the tasting ability of the individual. With implant-supported prosthesis, the wearer can enjoy all types of crunchy food items like carrots and nuts and does not have to compromise with the intake of a healthy, balanced diet. On the other side, dentures cover the roof of the mouth thus stopping the wearer from enjoying the tastes to the fullest. In fact, most people using dentures consider eating as an unhappy activity of the day.

  • Dental implants allow normal speech

Patients opting for dental implants get used to them within a few days and speaking with the implants will never been a problem. However, patients who hold unwarranted fears about dental implants cost Sydney go for dentures and end up with a fumbled way of speaking.

  • Do not lose your bone to dentures

Removable dentures cause bone loss in patients. As a result, with time, wearing dentures becomes a problems and loss of bone becomes inevitable. Dental implants on the other hand stimulate bone growth in the patient.