Frequently Asked Pediatric Dental Questions Answered

Are you a parent who has questions about your baby’s teeth? As you know a happy child is one who has healthy teeth and gums. These set of frequently asked pediatric dental questions answered by an experienced pediatric dentist will make your life as a parent easier.

What should I use to clean my baby’s teeth?

Any soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head, preferably one designed specifically for infants, should be used at least once a day.

What causes tooth decay?

The teeth are covered with a sticky film of bacteria, called plaque. Plaque bacteria use sugar and starch in food as a source of energy. The bacteria convert the sugar or starch into harmful acids that attack tooth enamel for as long as 20 minutes or more. Repeated attacks may cause the enamel to break down, resulting in cavities.

Are baby teeth important to my child?

Primary, or “baby,” teeth are important for many reasons. Not only do they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, they also aid in forming a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt.

Should I worry about thumb & finger sucking?

Thumb sucking is normal for infants as many stop on their own by age 2. If the habit continues beyond age 3, a professional evaluation by a pediatric dentist is recommended.

How often does my child need to see the pediatric dentist?

Every six months a prevented care appointment is recommended in order prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, your pediatric dentist can tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health.

Every child needs to visit a pediatric dentistry at some point of time. So it is important to find a dental home with an experienced pediatric dentist and take your baby for regular pediatric visits.

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