Play your Game Safely with Protective Dental Mouthguard

With Olympic season around, every sport lover would be tempted to head to the ground and play hard with their gang of friends. But it isn’t smart to engage in any sport without wearing a mouthguard. There are several reasons why dentists recommend wearing mouthguards before indulging in any activity that can possibly damage your teeth.

1. Protection from Tooth Fractures:

Mouthguards helps protect your mouth from breaking. Even if it gets fractured, it can be mostly saved. Dentists adopt procedures such as tooth fillings, root canal treatment or other measures.

2. Protection from Tooth Displacement:

If a baseball hits the mouth of the player real hard and if he/she doesn’t wear mouthguard, it can break their tooth. Or in certain cases, it would only displace the tooth and make it move easily. By wearing a mouthguard, the force is distributed over all your teeth, thus protecting from displacement or damage.

3. Protection from Tooth Knockouts:

Tooth knockouts can be a nightmare as no one wishes to have a gap showing up when smiling. This is where mouthguards will be of great help. Tooth knockouts can be effectively prevented if you wear a mouthguard.

4. Protection from Soft Tissue Injuries:

Some people as they indulge so much in their game might unintentionally bite their lip or tongue and injure it. Sometimes they’ll have to get them stitched for repairing. Such circumstances can be avoided by using a mouthguard, which cover the sharp surfaces of the teeth.

Dentists in Penrith also explain that mouthguard protects players from jaw injuries as well. Make no second thoughts and protect your mouth from dental injuries with the help of a mouthguard.

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