Popular Myths of Dental Implants Busted!

Dental implants have become a valuable solution for replacement of missing teeth in an affordable manner. They have been gaining great popularity in the recent times for all the benefits and convenience of usage they offer. However alongside its fame, certain myths and misbeliefs have been surrounding them that have lead people to refrain from availing the treatment. Here are some of such myths regarding dental implants busted.

Myth: All dentists can perform dental implant surgery

Truth: Implant dentistry is a very sensitive kind of surgery that requires careful attention. Several years of practise are needed to perfect this skill and only oral surgeons are trained rigorously for the same. They are the only specialists you could count on to get advice on dental implants and implant surgery.

Myth: Dental Implants are tuff to maintain

Truth: Dental implants work just as how normal teeth do and hence they don’t require special maintenance routines. Regular brushing and flossing would do.

Myth: Dental implants are costly

Truth: Taking into consideration the fact that dental implants are highly durable and they last a lifetime, they are actually inexpensive and a valuable investment option too.

Myth: Implant placement is painful

Truth: Dental implants are one of the least painful procedures. As the patient is given anaesthesia, the procedure will be almost pain-free. However, it is obvious that the patient might suffer soreness and mild pain during the recovery period.

Myth: Dental implants take too long to complete

Truth: Dental implants usually take a time of 3 months to complete. Even the simplest of dental implant procedures can be completed in just a single visit to your surgeon.

Now that the myths surrounding dental implants are proven to be erroneous, you must be convinced by the actual fact that implant dentistry is the best solution you could avail for replacing missing teeth problems. Make no second thoughts and visit your oral surgeon today.

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