Replacement Options Available With Cheap Dental Implants in Sydney

The dental implant is the artificial tooth root that is placed into your jawbone. Then the crown or the false tooth is placed on the implant. These dental implants act just like your natural tooth, and you no need to take extra care for them. The dental implants are usually made of titanium alloy. Cheap dental implants in Sydney are sometimes used to support removable or loose dentures. Here we have mentioned the various types of replacement options the dental implants provide.

  • – Single tooth replacement
  • – Multiple teeth replacement
  • – Removable prosthesis
  • – Removable dentures
  • – Orthodontic anchors

Single tooth replacement

The main purpose of dental implant treatment is single tooth replacement. Tooth decay, tooth cracking, or failed root canal treatment are the few reasons that may require single tooth replacement. Incisors or front teeth are lost less frequently when compared to molars. If an incisor is lost, the patient’s ability to chew their food will be reduced. Your dentist will replace your single missing incisor by placing the crown on the implants.

Multiple teeth replacement

Even though the dental implants cost Sydney is high, it can be used to replace multiple missing teeth that include all the upper and lower teeth. When you are suffering from three or more neighboring missing teeth, then an implant-supported bridge is placed into your jawbone for multiple teeth replacement. The replacement teeth are made of ceramic or other materials. Then the bridge will be connected to the implants using the screw.

Removable prosthesis

Dental implants treatment can also be used to improve the firmness of your removable dental prostheses, which is also known as dentures. A complete denture or removable denture may have poor stability, particularly when it is placed in your lower jaw. Since the jawbone often gets eroded following the tooth extraction process, your dentures may not get enough space to get attached to your jawbones. This is the reason why your dentures often slip while speaking or eating. This can be rectified with the help of dental implants treatment.

Removable dentures

Removable dentures can be supported by mini implants. Mini implants are thinner compared to traditional implants, and it cannot withstand any strong forces. They are used to improve the stability of your denture when you have the complete removable dentures in both your upper and lower jaws. Usually, four mini implants are placed in the anterior portion of your lower jaw to provide support to your lower jaw denture. Small holes are made in your denture to attach it to your implants. This helps to improve denture stability.

Even though the cost of dental implants Sydney seems to be little high, the benefits it offers can help you get a permanent solution for your missing tooth.





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