How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

There as literally so many people these days that are on a quest for a whiter smile. Over past decade or so, the dream on the Hollywood smile has grown in popularity massively, and it seems that we have all given into the ideology that brighter is most definitely better.

Treatments promising to give you a Hollywood smile may seem like the dream, but are they as effective, or even as safe as they claim to be? With all the new businesses popping up now offering teeth whitening as a service, how can we be sure that our oral health is in safe hands?

There are actually a number of treatments that will lighten the colour of your teeth, these range from whitening toothpaste or oil pulling, to stronger ways like laser whitening or bleaching.

Having your teeth whitened doesn’t mean that they will stay the new, bright colour forever. The colour of your teeth depends heavily on your lifestyle, therefore if you continue to do the activities that stained your teeth in the first place, they will get stained again.

Things that can stain colour of your teeth include:

– smoking,

– drinking red wine and coffee, and fizzy drinks

– bad oral health regime

So we know that it may not last forever, but what are the risks associated with teeth whitening procedures? There are a number of risks that can lead to a lot of pain as well as ongoing health problems. Some of the most common negative side effects include:

Chemical Burns

Teeth whitening uses two main active bleaching agents, called hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. When used wrongly they can cause serious chemical burns on your gums, which can cause permanent damage. In severe cases of dental negligence, the gums have been weakened so badly that loss of teeth has occurred. With home whitening kits, these chemicals can leak and damage to whole of the inside of your mouth.

Teeth Sensitivity

The bleaching chemicals contained in these solutions are particularly powerful, so for some patients, particularly those with weaker teeth the enamel of their teeth will start to erode. When this occurs is can cause extremely painful sensitivity, which can be furthered by factors such as certain foods, the wind and hot or cold temperatures.

If you have already put your trust in someone to perform teeth whitening and it has gone wrong, you may have grounds to make a cosmetic surgery claim. If you’ve not yet gone ahead, you should make sure that you are aware of the risks and go with a certified private dentist to ensure you keep yourself safe.