Surprising Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants in Sydney

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 30% of Australians avoid dental treatments due to financial barriers. Are you one among them who is worried about the dental implants cost in Sydney? You must understand that there are a few factors that affect the price of dental implants. Moreover, many dental practices in Sydney now provide flexible payment plans to make the dental treatments affordable for all.

This blog has outlined some of the factors that impact the dental implants cost in Sydney.

The Number of implants:

The cost of implants is determined based on how many implants you need. The cost of replacing a single tooth is relatively lower than two or more teeth. Depending on the structure of your mouth and the health of your gums, you may undergo replacements at different times or concurrently.

Location of a tooth:

Each oral structure is different and needs individual care. In order to achieve the desired results, different teeth require slight adjustments during the procedure. The angle of the front teeth is essential as it needs to match the existing jaw line to make sure you have a straight smile. So some cases require more advanced work, and it can affect the cost of dental implants.

Bone Density:

Bone density plays a crucial in the success of implants. There must be enough bone to secure the titanium screw. If you have low bone density, then you are not a suitable candidate for receiving dental implants. However, it does require more preparation to ensure a successful rate. Bone grafts and sinus augmentations are used to prepare your mouth to receive a prosthetic tooth.

Overall oral health:

If you are suffering from an oral disease or other oral health conditions, you will need to undergo several initial treatments to ensure a healthy mouth and the best likelihood for the success of implantation.

The need for tooth extractions:

If the tooth that needs to be replaced has not fallen out or pieces of a tooth are trapped under the jaw-line, it needs to be removed before placing the implants. This additional procedure also affects the cost of Sydney dental implants.

Quality of the implant:

You may not be aware that there are different types of materials available to craft every part of implant supported teeth replacement.  The dental implants in Sydney are made up of biodegradable titanium material that naturally fuses with the jawbone. Now, there are other materials which are used to make implants. Moreover, the abutment attached to the implants is also made of different materials. So, the cost is determined based on the quality of the materials you choose.

Sedation options:

During the procedure, you are likely to receive some level of sedation to keep you calm and comfortable. Anesthesia cost will be added, and in most of the cases insurance will cover part of this cost.