Teeth Implants – How it Changes your Life for the Better

If you have got dental problems or missing teeth, chances are that you might have heard about dental implants. Sometimes, a beautiful smile can do wonders and help you accomplish things effortlessly. Having missing teeth can affect you personally and professionally.

Teeth implant is in fact, the best way for replacing your missing or falling teeth. A skilled and experienced implant specialist can recommend the number of implants you need to place to make your life much better. Here’s what you need to know about the goodness of dental implants:

1. Dental implant has been a successful form of dental procedure for more than 15 years. Titanium, the metal which is used to make dental implants, is widely used for tooth replacements. The biggest advantage of dental implant is that it looks and even functions your original teeth without causing any trouble. They help ease chewing and making normal conversation. What more would you need?

2. Dental implants are an effective long term solution. After placing it, implants would last as long as 10 years provided you take good care of it. That doesn’t mean that they require extensive maintenance. Implants require minimal maintenance and require only regular brushing and flossing as with regular teeth.

3. Dental implants can prevent bone loss. One of the problems with missing tooth is that the jaw bone begins to deteriorate due to the presence of an empty space and lack of stimulation. It is estimated that the bone area loses 25% of its volume if the implants are not placed for almost one year of losing your teeth.If you consider going for dentures, bone loss would be intense as they become loose more often and wear off. This explains that dental implants are perfect for prevention of bone loss.

4. Dental implants not just correct missing teeth but effectively secure adjacent teeth too. When there exists a gap due to missing teeth, the neighbouring teeth tend to shift towards the gap. This could create further complications in the future; hence it is essential to avoid the very same circumstance by fitting a dental implant.

5. A gap due to missing tooth can trap food particles and bacteria, thus leading to tooth decay and gum disease. And the obvious solution to prevent this case is to fill it with a high quality dental implant.

6. This might be quite surprising to some, but dental implants can also avoid facial sagging and premature aging too! Missing teeth can develop bone loss, as stated earlier. This further leads to a phenomenon called facial sagging wherein excess wrinkles can appear on your face and lips get thin, thus making you look old than you actually are.

Dental implants definitely bring back optimal oral health and also transform your life for the better. Teeth implants in Melbourne are fairly reasonable, so consult your surgeon right away!