The rising need for dental care

An April 2015 report by the American Dental Association suggests that the number of trips made to the dental emergency room (ER) nearly doubled between the year 2000 and 2010. The age group that has increased its dental appointment is above 25 years of age while the number of kids and teenagers has remained the same. The most recent data suggests that between 2000 and 2012, the amount of patients to ERs have doubled from 1.1 million to 2.2 million. It’s almost like 1 visit every 15 seconds. The sad thing is that people are still dying from teeth problems in the US. So, what are the reasons that have increased the need for dental care?

  1. Lack of adequate number of representatives

Investigative reporters suggest that regions like Lyndhurst have fewer emergency rooms that are properly equipped to deal with dental emergencies. Further, most ER patients are treated with antibiotics and painkillers as a general rule before being referred to a professional. Also, regions like Lyndhurst have fewer professional representatives to cater to the demands. The ADA suggests that 16% of Americans live in places which lack access to proper dental clinics. Consequently, visits are delayed until a trip to the ER becomes unavoidable.

  1. The changing food habits

The days of the past were more organized and safe. The modern lifestyle demands that we have little time to ensure that the food we eat offers more than just taking care of our hunger. Chemicals in food and toxic oils take a toll on the oral health apart from being a general health hazard. Today, more number of people is suffering from decomposing cavities, gum diseases and other oral problems. Though most of us understand the root cause, a visit to a dentist is perhaps the only way to continue our busy schedule and maintain our oral health.

  1. Easier dental care

For clinics that are equipped with high end infrastructure and revolutionary tools, dental care is just like a visit to a friend. Even complicated surgeries can be done in a matter of hours and patients can go home feeling right in place but with a changed/reformed oral health. Technological innovations have also ensured that dental care becomes easy, safe and less expensive. Consequently, more people are ready to pay less for treatment.

  1. The rising demand of cosmetic surgeries

A decade ago, the concept of “people are born the way they are” seemed a reasonable answer to facial deformities and diseases. However, dental care has grown of age and today we have option to bring back a beautiful smile back to a broken face. From replacing broken tooth to enhancing/straightening the jaw line, cosmetic dental surgeries have become easier and safer. It’s needless to add that people are ready to spend to look beautiful.

  1. The health consequences of oral status

Recently, oral health has been reported to be an indicator of chronic problems ranging from acid reflux to diabetes. Consequently, visits to the dental clinics have increased to ensure that any symptom is detected early.