Top Recovery Tips to Follow Post Oral Surgery

Once oral surgery is done, things don’t end up there. Your body will require adequate time to recover and restore back to a healthy state. After oral surgery, necessary care has to be taken to prevent bleeding and infections. Here are such essential recovery tips provided by the best oral surgeons.

1. Gum swelling: It is normal to see swelling in gums after surgery. Place an ice pack on the outside of the surgical area 24 hours post-surgery to prevent or control swelling. You may also experience bruising and muscle stiffness during this time.

2. Bleeding: You might encounter bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction procedures. Biting on moist black tea bag can be very helpful in controlling bleeding. Oral surgeons also offer tips to control bleeding as well.

3. Period of Inactivity: It is important to have enough rest during the first two days after surgery. You should not resume or proceed with your routine activities until your surgeon grants you permission for the same.

4. Smoking & Alcohol Consumptions: Smoking can delay the process of healing, hence oral surgeons suggest you not to smoke or consume alcohol for at least one day after surgery.

5. Proper Dental Hygiene: Brushing and flossing should be done very gently, especially during the initial 24 hours after surgery. Be informed, intense spitting or rinsing can develop bleeding. Use saline or saltwater for rinsing after 24 hours to keep your incision clean.

6. Medication: Follow medications as prescribed by your surgeon for a speedy recovery. Even if you notice that your symptoms have gone away soon, do not fail to follow the entire prescription.

Follow these tips as suggested by expert oral surgeons to easily survive through the recovery period. Get well soon!

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