When Is It Best To Get A Dental Implant

When Is It Best To Get A Dental Implant?

If a tooth must be extracted, it is critical to replace it in order to maintain your beauty and dental health. A single missing tooth might cause the rest of your natural teeth to shift out of position, affecting your bite. Long-lasting dental implants are becoming more popular among people.

Treatment Planning For Dental Implants

However, there are various factors to consider while arranging for tooth implant in Melbourne, one of which is the quality of the bone socket that used to surround your natural teeth. Dental x-rays and CT scans can provide a decent indication of the state of your jawbone; dentist will have a much clearer picture once the tooth is removed.

Getting Dental Implants Right Away Or Waiting 1 To 2 Months

The first option is to place a dental implant right away, however dentist may recommend waiting one to two months after the tooth is removed. Your dentist will install a dental implant at the same time while removing your natural tooth in an instantaneous implantation. Because there may be voids around the dental implant, this may need the use of a bone graft. Dentists usually recommend this option only when the bone socket is completely intact. Waiting 1 to 2 months following tooth removal allows for initial gum healing, which is beneficial since it ensures that a dental implant is covered by gum tissue and can produce excellent aesthetic outcomes.

Waiting Longer To Insert Dental Implants

The second alternative is to wait two to four months before inserting the dental implants to give the bone time to recover. Placing a dental implant at this time aids osseointegration, resulting in a sturdy and strong implant that is entirely attached to your jawbone. The third option is to wait four to six months before installing a dental implant, which allows for complete bone repair and may be especially beneficial if the empty socket has been impacted by disease.

Wait A Little Longer

Obviously, the majority of people want their dental implants as quickly as possible. In some cases, your dentists want to make sure that every treatment is a total success; therefore they may advise you to wait a little longer before undergoing implant surgery. If this is the case, don’t panic; your dentist may supply temporary replacement teeth and will never leave you without a smile or the ability to eat while you are undergoing treatment.

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